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Complement your stay by acquiring the extra services that we have for you, learn about the additional services that you can purchase directly at our reception:

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage lasting 50 minutes in which the masseuse increases the intensity of the pressure with a slow and repetitive rhythm to the guest's liking. Ideal for relaxing muscles and generating a feeling of well-being. During the application, they generate endorphins that relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and reduce stress and anxiety.

Price $400.00 P/P

Traditional Temazcal

Temazcal session lasting 2 hours. Which consists of a steam bath in an adobe dome in which stones are heated with oak wood. The bath consists of a purification and relaxation ritual through the application of water with medicinal herbs to previously heated stones. The session is outside the hotel 5 minutes from the property, includes transfers and material for the session.

Price $450.00 P/P

Textile tourist experience

Rural tourism experience lasting 4 hours. Textile experience in which we visit the house of an artisan of the backstrap loom tradition, we visit her workshop and her store in which we learn the process of making textiles and dyeing threads with flowers and plants. We will enjoy a traditional breakfast with coffee, bread, fruit and tlacoyos of local stews.

Price $500.00 P/P

Green gold tourist experience

Rural tourism experience lasting 5 hours. Experience in which we visit an avocado orchard, we learn about the green gold farming process, we visit the Amatzinac ravine where we enjoy the flora and fauna to reach a waterfall known as the waterfall, this experience is ideal to have contact with nature.

Price: $600.00 P/P

Traditional cuisine tourist experience

Traditional cuisine gastronomic experience lasting 3 hours. Experience in which we go to a trail to collect flowers and plants that we transform into food in a traditional cooking workshop, then the prepared dishes are tasted. This experience is loaded with local culture, landscapes, unique flavors and smells.

Price: $450.00 P/P

Bonfire with chocolates

Bonfire experience with chocolates lasting 2 hours. Experience on one of the hotel terraces where we enjoy a bonfire and chocolates with relaxing music, ideal for couples celebrating anniversaries or marriage proposals.

Price: $400.00 P/P

Bottle of wine to celebrate

Bottle of wine in the room, two glasses, corkscrew and container for cooling are provided. Sangre de Toro soul brand from Spain, R2015 750 ml.

Price $650.00

Champagne Moët & Chandon

Bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne, in the room, two glasses, corkscrew and cooling container are provided. Moët & Chandon imperial brand 750 ml.

Price $2,500.00

Decoration with candles and petals

Decoration with flower petals, candles, helium balloons, ideal for celebrating an engagement anniversary or to pamper the couple.

Price: $600.00

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